annaB from the tree—                         

Cruising earth, creating art, spreading love & raising vibrations. Crystals & Natural stones wrapped in copper & macramé, here to help you heal, grow, & flow freely ! Each Piece is individually created & flows through my fingertips from the Divine. I fill each creation with love & good intentions. Your creation will be cleansed & Reiki blessed. Take a deep breath, relax your body & enjoy the beauty that earth has created. My art is perfect as an adornment, meditation tool, & healing tool. 

A little about me:
I quit college after three semesters & began working full time so I could afford to explore earth. 5 years later & here I am. I haven't had a "real job" in 2 years. I make art all day everyday & ive managed to travel in & out of the country consistently. I am happy, flowing, learning, & expanding. I have an insatiable appetite for new knowledge & I take full advantage of my library card & google. Just a reminder that there are 100 billion ways to live your life. Many paths to take & many of those paths intertwine & get closed off & sometimes u gotta turn around & start again. I am blessed with supportive family & friends & all of u who support my art & make my lifestyle possible. I wanna be living proof that you can literally create your reality & actually love & feel proud of the way you spend your time. Even if it's not what society says is "right". Instead, ask yourself what feels right TO YOU 👂🏽 Thanks to you, reading this, supporting my art, I have been carving my own path in this existence & will continue to do so I can HELP HELP HELP & LOVE LOVE LOVE for the rest of eternity. THANK YOU!